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Will AutoTap Work With My Vehicle ?

Check If AutoTap® Will Fit Your Vehicle

AutoTap is compatible with most vehicles 1996 and newer. We define "compatible" as the vehicle Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) being "Functional and Accessible".  Since we cannot know the condition of your DLC we cannot guarantee "compatibility". However, if there are issues we will bend over backwards to  provide complete customer satisfaction. 


This product is globally standardized but be aware that because it works on a car or truck model in the U.S. does NOT guarantee that it will attach to the same model outside the U.S. Check the year/make/model. If the connector is embedded in a case with a lid it may not permit proper locking. We highly advise that you inspect the connector to assure it is not enclosed or obstructed before you purchase.  If your vehicle has other aftermarket modifications it may not be compatible. Due to variations in OBD-II port placement and mounting, we cannot guarantee these results. The best we can do is send you our product attached to a new connector to demonstrate that it works as advertised. We also inform you prior to the sale of our product that it may not attach to all vehicles.