AutoTapLock Tag In Cloud

The AutoTapTag in Cloud offers the  combination of NFC and Cloud Technology. Each Tag contains a link to a web page customizable by the customer. It does not require an app to be read.

A AutoTapTag in Cloud is an NFC Tag encoded to open a web page customizable by the customer with text, images and video. The web page is available for anyone who taps the Tag in Cloud with an NFC-enabled device. No applications required.

How Tag in Cloud works

Once you receive your AutoTapTag in Cloud , just tap it with an NFC smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions. You will be asked for an email address and a password to have permission to change the web page. Then you can add text, images, and embed a video.

What Tag in Cloud includes

  • NFC sticker with Tag in Cloud logo, already encoded

  • Link to web page editable by the customer

  • Responsive Web Design, for an optimal visualization also with a mobile phone

  • Web Hosting for an unlimited time

  • Ability to insert text, images and embed a video from YouTube

Technical features

A AutoTapTag in Cloud contains an Ntag Series NFC chip, with universal compatibility: it can be read by any NFC smartphone or tablet.

Warning: AutoTapTag in Cloud Tag needs an internet connection on the device that reads it.