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Designed to work on most post-1996 U.S. light vehicles (car or truck) that have a fully accessible and functional diagnostic link connector (DLC).

To guarantee that the product will function as advertised we provide the customer with a practice plug.  The product will come locked to the connector thus establishing the fact that it works when we shipped it.


Many post-1996 cars and trucks have an Event Data Recorder (EDR) that collects and stores crash data.  Congress passed the Driver’s Privacy Act of 2015 which cites that the vehicle owner “owns” the crash data.  

Our goal is to empower you with a simple means to safeguard your data.  You have two choices. 1. Pre-Crash you can attach the vehicle cyber security lock.  2. Post-Crash you can authorize others to attach the lock.


I authorize the tow truck operator or any other entity at the crash site or impound facility to install the lock to my vehicle.


AUTOTAPLOCK® is a new product in the automotive space. It is a physical lock to your vehicle’s OBD-II port connector that is used to access the Controlled Area Network (CAN) and the Event Data Recorder (EDR) “black-box” data recorder. This lock enables you to control access to your vehicle’s data in accordance with state EDR statutes and federal regulations. Designed for U.S. post-1996 light vehicles (cars and trucks) that include a functional and accessible diagnostic link connector, normally located under the steering column. Conforms to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers global standard IEEE-1616. Comes with 2x High-Security keys. This lockout gives you the reassurance of knowing that you have control of crash data. The “black box? will still work as it is designed to. However, you determine when and whom sees the data (within State and Federal law) and thus, control how it is used. The owner of the vehicle is considered to be the rightful owner; however, courts can subpoena crash data. Crash data can be used in civil and criminal court cases. Go to AutoTapLock Compatibility Checker to check compatibility with your vehicle. Important Note: This product uses the same AMAZON catalogue product number assigned in 2016 to a different version of this brand. Thus, all prior reviews up to October 2021 are bogus. This product was re-engineered in 2021 using automotive grade nylon and future customer reviews will reflect the quality.


We are a U.S. Veteran-owned and operated small business with unique products and we like our customers.  That said, our goal is zero returns. To achieve this we provide a quality product and disclose to our customers prior to the sale that it may not work on every vehicle.  To increase the chances that it will work on your vehicle we provide a vehicle compatibility matrix ( of approximately 11,000 vehicles since 1996. The AUTOTAPLOCK® lock is U.S. Patented and globally standardized in accordance with IEEE-1616. If you locate your vehicle in the compatibility matrix this means that it will work only if the connector is functional and acceptable.  On many vehicles there are impediments such as covers and on many others the connector has been damaged. We cannot guarantee it will work on your vehicle because we cannot know the condition or accessibility of the port on your vehicle. OK, so what can we do?  We offer you the same high quality product at 20% less under our ZERO RETURNS GOAL. We simply want you to use it on another vehicle. You can call or send an email (386)506-8355 or We are here to help.  Next, if after consultation your satisfaction is guaranteed. If we cannot resolve your issues you may seek return of your purchase as for a refund, minus a 30% restocking fee (inspecting, testing, repackaging). Requests for refund will not be accepted otherwise. We cannot be held responsible for Goods damaged or lost in return shipment. Therefore, We recommend an insured and trackable mail service. We are unable to issue a refund without actual receipt of the Goods or proof of received return delivery.

The AutoTapTag in Cloud offers the  combination of NFC and Cloud Technology. Each Tag contains a link to a web page customizable by the customer. It does not require an app to be read.

A AutoTapTag in Cloud is an NFC Tag encoded to open a web page customizable by the customer with text, images and video. The web page is available for anyone who taps the Tag in Cloud with an NFC-enabled device. No applications required.

How Tag in Cloud works

Once you receive your AutoTapTag in Cloud , just tap it with an NFC smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions. You will be asked for an email address and a password to have permission to change the web page. Then you can add text, images, and embed a video.

What Tag in Cloud includes

 NFC sticker with Tag in Cloud logo, already encoded

Link to web page editable by the customer

Responsive Web Design, for an optimal visualization also with a mobile phone

Web Hosting for an unlimited time

Ability to insert text, images and embed a video from YouTube

Technical features

A AutoTapTag in Cloud contains an Ntag Series NFC chip, with universal compatibility: it can be read by any NFC smartphone or tablet.

Warning: AutoTapTag in Cloud Tag needs an internet connection on the device that reads it.

Additional information

Weight .136 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 15.24 × 3.81 cm

Standard AutoTapLock, 20% OFF – ZERO REFUNDS OPTION

14 reviews for AUTOTAP vehicle cybersecurity lock

  1. Robert

    Product rating 5

  2. emily

    Working properly and easy to install

  3. Alid3

    Does exactly what I need, no connecting issues, small and handy and works great!

  4. Claire

    Does the job

  5. Kerry

    Working well!

  6. Guy

    This cyber security lock is brilliant for the price. Highly recommend

  7. tony1954

    Ideal for black box security

  8. Rexey

    Im very happy to the product no issues

  9. KAD7

    Great out of the box. Easy to integrate to control your crash data.

  10. Holly

    Great little lock.
    I bought this lock to secure my new car.. Features as described and expected. It just might be what you need

  11. Chairman

    Amazing product would recommend

  12. Laura

    Very happy with the product , was really easy to set up and for the price . Small in size so it doesn’t stand out too much would definitely buy again!

  13. Northp77

    Very good value for money can keep my data secure!

  14. Dan

    Great service from Autotap product is very good All in all very pleased

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