Why We Need An Online Roadside Cybersecurity Service.

Why Everyone Needs a Vehicle Blackbox Lock


What Happens to “YOUR” vehicle crash data?

Each year motor vehicles become more electronic-intensive and they generate and store extensive electronic crash data. Nowadays, 99.1% use “black box” technologies.

Yes, your modern car or light truck is a computer on wheels.

Few motorists know what happens to this electronic crash data post-crash.


How and what is collected by the vehicle? By who? When?

How is it stored in the vehicle post-crash?

Who has “legal” access to it?

How is it used in civil and criminal cases?

How is it misused?

Perhaps the most important misunderstood fact is that according to the federal 2015 Driver’s Privacy Act it is the vehicle owner or lessee “Owns” the crash data. This is good news.

Unfortunately, most motorists are still not aware that modern vehicle include “blackbox” technologies or that they ”own” the crash data.

So, what’s the solution?

How about getting the federal auto safety regulators, consumer protection agencies, automakers, insurance companies, etc. to do something?

Nope, tried that, it’s not going to happen.

Regarding automotive black box technology motorist’s cannot count on anybody doing anything for them to date, so they must safeguard access to “their” crash data themselves.

That’s where I come in.

I created a product and service and branded this new automotive market as ONLINE ROADSIDE CYBERSECURITY.

It’s exactly what every motorist needs.

See this essential security upgrade for you vehicle at an


Crash data is used in civil and criminal cases.


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